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In 1985, the wasteland of the Chapel is the appointment of Parisian hip-hop. About 500 people gather there illegally. At the initiative of the Dee Nasty Block parties are held at the American: I was setting up my turntables on an old and fridge for two francs for participation, people could breaker, listen sound or take the music lyrics database microphone. Exerted Lionel D, John Go, Destroy Man, Iron2 Shoes, Little MC, ultimate, New Generation MCS.

A first brood records more or less confidential hatches amid The 80s record label Barclay launches Johnny Go and Destroy a Man vein which wants kindly evil with the max We balance 1986. Rap not interested yet the http://4popsonglyrics.blogspot.com cultural industry. It's in the late 1980s that the French rap appears on air. The first members whose fame goes beyond the inner circle.

We discover the first of these freestyles as well as those of Rico, New Generation MC'S, Assassin and Minister AMER live on the show Deena style presented by Dee Nasty on Radio Nova FM or Voltage. French rap is born with a protest tone and lyrics evoking racism, insecurity, unemployment and violence; more inspired themes Public Enemy rap that festive. The first read more mainstream success occurs with the Belgian group in 1990 Benny B. If the But you tube crazy no protest or content protest, it still represents the first significant foray this music in the French musical landscape.

Forty artists from music lyrics database

The success of the Peoples of the World Tonto David and Scram MC Solar mark a new step in the pop songs list popularization of rap, which is devoted to The IAM and Mia Fever NTM, which involved rappers these festive songs used to gain national notoriety. By 1992 the collective La Clique, managed to consolidate all disciplines of hip-hop, which rappers Rocco and Daddy Lord Clark. The year 1987 was marked by the opening music lyrics database of the nightclub the Globe, and recovery programs devoted to rap on radio7 with Sidney. This is especially with the French rap compilations wins the public in 90s Thus La belle Black Virgin fate pop songs list ragga showcase National for the first generation Assassin, Tonto David, Generation TM.

It sold 100,000 copies. Media coverage continues with TV rap line broadcast hosted by Olivier presenting news rap on Saturday at midnight on M6. The World of Tomorrow NTM, the K7 Concept IAM confirms this first production rap, while Lionel D released the first solo rap record, his title For you the music lyrics database misunderstood during the Gulf War. The underground read more fanzines aficionados Letter From Underground, Get Busy with the famous Sear, Down With This, Yours.

News attends the birth Newsstand a specialized wider audience Poster, RER, Groove, press Power. NTM released his first EP The world of tomorrow, followed by the album Authentic. Rap Social hardcore takes a singular force while a series of riots agitate Suburbs of Vaux-en-Velin in Mantes-la-Jolie. IAM brand originality in the same year with her debut album, Planet Mars, opening the lines of a rap sophisticated lyrics.

MC Solar another so with who sows the wind, reaps the tempo, a rap groove in line American Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Jungle Brother. In 1992 AMER released his first album, Why so much hate in the line texts without music lyrics database concessions as part of an Afrocentric movement. The Interior Minister Charles attempts to ban the title Woman of cop.

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